Back Powder Double Barreled Pistol

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Unfinished Project


Double Barreled Pistol side

The double barreled pistol is a 40 caliber with no rifling in it. I made the barrel in a Bridgeport mill after hours at my work. The double barreled pistol is milled out of a solid piece of 4140 tool steel. It is a tapered octagon with the barrels sharing one side. This will be plenty strong enough for a black powder pistol.
The triggers, Hammers and the frame were all cut out on a Wire EDM Machine. Needless to say there are countless hours spent with a file on this pistol.

The hole pistol is about 8 inches long. The bores are 3 & 3/4" deep. The barrels taper from 3/4" at the breech to 1/2" at the muzzle.


Double Barreled Pistol breech






As you can see the joints at the barrel to frame and also the side plates are very tight. This is due to being wire EDM cut. At the right here you can see a single pin holds the barrel to the frame. The nipples are threaded for a standard thread size for nipples.


Double Barreled Pistol End




Here to the left you see the octogon shape of the barrels. And it is made from one piece of steel. The bores are just drilled.




 Double Barreled Pistol Hammers



At the right here you can see the hammers. There are probably about 10 hours of file time on these alone. This is after rough cutting out with Wire EDM and milling the bottom thinner to fit in the frame. You can also see I used coil springs in this instead of flat springs.


Double Barreled Pistol Triggers


Here to the left is a shot of the triggers. The front one fires the right barrel and the rear trigger fires the left barrel. I had thought of maybe not putting on a trigger guard on this pistol. But one could easily be made to go on the pistol.

The only things left to do on this is to fit a set of handles out of wood. Then sand and polish the outside metal and finish in blue or brown it. 

 I have test fired this already. I think it would be good with bb shot in it. There are no sights as you can see from the pictures. For a black powder pistol, this is more of a novalty than having any real use.

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